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A multiverse of possibilities

We are self-driven go-getters, a new generation of unafraid individuals, marching towards challenges and opportunities. Replete with grit, unwavering values, love, and laughter, the technology community at CACTUS is a microcosm of life itself!

50+ web
applications maintained

Dedicated Technology
Innovation Cell

Possibly the best
DevOps team in India

27001 certified

Meet the team

Excited. Enthusiastic. Hungry. This lot is the critical bridge between tech and trade. Designing meaningful new features and delightful user experiences from start to finish, and facilitating research-driven user pathways, they fortify the largely web-based business.

The Van Goghs of websites, this team paints a perfect picture of all the good stuff we can offer our clients. Armed with engaging user interface and prototypes, this brainy bunch is able to translate tactical business plans into meaningful and relatable information for our users.

Meet the Code Runners. Automating repetitive tasks, writing clean, flexible code, and using a Test Driven Development (TDD) approach, they bring about seamless architectural changes. With peak performances, a lean working style, and continuous innovation, these tech maestros run the code.

These drivers of all processes make key day-to-day functions secure, accessible, compliant, yet efficient, such that with every new deliverable, these Socratic data masters work faster, smarter and maintain uptime as high as 99.95 %.

Presenting the quality gatekeepers of all our technological functions, known throughout CACTUS for their energy, resourcefulness, and innovation. These hands-on testers elevate us in the industry as a trusted solution provider.

Rumor has it that with Cactus Labs folks, any normal conversation can drift into automation or NLP discussions. Dealing with terabytes of data and building on the newest technologies and programming languages, these data-driven techies work, support, and collaborate flexibly across teams, propelling the right research in the right direction.

The Cactus Tech way of life

Imagine a place where you evolve in your vocation, make an impact on the world around you, a place where a business is humanized and interactions are real, where diversity and inclusivity are celebrated, and where you make friends for life –your very own utopia. That’s Cactus Tech!